Peter Norman Hodgson Full member Institute of Acoustics UK (MIoA)

Nationality - British


BSc Mechanical Engineering
Project Management of Environmental Impact Assessments
Environment Noise Consultancy
Noise Control design and manufacture
Wide knowledge of construction, buildings and factory equipment
Book keeping and accounts
Small business start up and management
Marketing, sales and product design
Man management
Company management
Expert witness and noise and vibration consultant
Computer literate, Windows XP, Office 2003 pro, Publisher, Excel cad

Accomplished professional engineer with wide experience and good technical/commercial/ practical balance.

Large construction site experience and used to handling contractors, experience of site work in steel plants, quarries, chemical plants, refineries, large and small building sites, highways and others sites.

C ommunicator – has given presentations to all levels
A lert – keeps up to date with technology with an active enquiring mind
N ever takes no for an answer yet never says no straight away
D edicated performance
O riginal ideas


1961 - 1967 Head Wrightson – Sandwich Course / Apprenticeship

1968 - 1970 Whessoe Research and Development – Welding

1970 - 1974 Cummins Engine Co - Applications Engineer UK and Europe

1974 - 1979 ICI - Acoustics Sales Engineer – General Sales Manager

1979 - 1993 Cleveland Acoustics – MD own firm

1993 – 2005 Self-employed - Consultant

2005 – 2007 Parsons Brinckerhoff –Senior Environmental Consultant Engineer

2007 – 2008 Hepworth Acoustics – Senior Acoustic Engineer

2008 – to date Self Employed - Consultant

Examples of Noise Reduction Projects undertaken

Noise Reduction by sound absorption in the main cigarette production area. The work had to be done with no interference to production nor any contamination to product. A suspended platform scaffold system was worked out with SGB and dovetailed into this was a tented asbestos dust containment system undertaken by Kitson. My firm Cleveland Acoustics undertook the project management and installation of a proprietary acoustic tile system. Project Value £250,000 – ROTHMANS, Darlington

Sound insulated control room Pulpits for Lackenby Beam Mill and Plate Mill, Hartlepool Tube Mill and Shotton Steelworks. Projects took over three years to complete to a value £150,000 - BSC

Environment Noise Screens at St Fergus Site during gas turbine pig operations. Screens of steel posts with wind girders and steel composite acoustic panels - SHELL EXPLORATION

New gantry for bottom loading tankers were fitted with special acoustic panels that reduced pipe radiated noise. The gantries designed by Wests and Built by UK Construction were fitted with panel kits at depots at Hemel Hempstead, Plymouth, Dublin and many other locations – SHELL

Acoustic panel curtain screen built and installed for UKAEA -Capenhurst

Examples of Acoustic Consultancy work undertaken

Expert witness for Solicitors Latimer Hinks in Darlington in civil
litigation against a farmer, a joinery workshop and others. The work involved 24/7 noise
monitoring and personal logging of all events, identifying sounds attributable to the
alleged nuisance, organising evidence together with taped evidence, reporting and
attending court

Survey of workplace noise and environment noise of factories e.g.
NE Co Op and Lyons Tetley

Planning consultancy for housing development ,implementation of PPG
24 for ROK Construction and Surgo Construction.

Entertainment licence supporting acoustic assessments for various breweries and hotel

Sound Insulation testing for part E Building Regulations.

Examples of Consultancy work undertaken with Parsons Brinkerhoff, North Regional Environment Department.

PB is a world class multi discipline engineering consultancy with expertise to suit all major developments in construction, building and power.

BB93 –Schools. There is a major push to build new and refurbished schools particularly in the North. The standard for acoustics and sound insulation in schools is BB93 .My work in this area was to implement the standard and to specify to PB architects the required sound insulation panel walls, acoustic finishes and ventilation plant noise. Also specified the glazing and wall construction for outer building facades.
The project also provided EIA reports at the planning stage and I was involved in pulling the various outside experts together into a full report.

Surgo Construction .Advice and construction methods followed by Sound insulation testing for Building Regulations part E for apartments in Northumberland.

Newcastle City Council Major Re Development around Scotswood where considerable influence was brought bear on acoustic layout and building sound insulation concepts at the planning stage, that would guard against noise intrusion from traffic and sound insulation between dwellings. An environment impact study employed wildlife conservation, flood assessments, noise assessment and archaeological consideration by an external expert.

Power generation – a number of EIA were conducted for clients of PB worldwide for total energy systems , remote gas and oil terminals and processing plant as well as wind farms and airports. These were department projects where the expertise of several engineers was pooled in the overall assessment.
A number of Environment noise assessments were done for wind farms.

Building Sound Insulation Teesside University
Testing and design work for sound insulation walls and glazing to the students union hall


Outdoors, Walking ,Smallholding and gardening

Full Clean Driving Licence

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Noise Technology

Institute of Acoustics member 25 years

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Noise Surveys            Environment - Planning, licencing, Environment impact assessments, workplace noise exposure,

Testing                      Field testing of sound insulation in buildings, sound insulation between rooms in schools, hotels and auditoria.

Noise                        source tracking on site with design of noise reducing equipment.

Manufacture             and installation of acoustic treatments / solutions


Shell   St Fergus  Environment Noise screens around gas turbines pumping landfall site

Shell   Stanlow,Hemel Hempstead, Jarrow, Cork,Southampton acoustic panel treatment to bottom loading gantries - tankers.

BBC  Radio interview booths for NEC and various local radio studios.

UKAE  Acoustic panel screen wall to separate a noisy area.

Arizona Chemicals - Acoustic hoods to pumpsets

Rothmans - Installation of sound absorbing ceiling lining over production area, open plan offices and other acoustic treatments.

Corus various noise insulated control rooms in steel mills at Teesside, Hartlepool, Shotton works.


Overnight frozen food loading operations at this Kerry Food plant in Sunderland caused some neighbours sleepless nights due to the refrigeration plant at the front of parked trailers.

This purpose made acoustic hood is fork lifted in place and solves the problem.

Another noise solution from Noise Technology



Stamping machines, and all manner of other production and process machines can be iincredibly noisy. Even electric pumps and lots of other machines now contribute significant noise exposure to employees now that the regulations have been tightened up.Full acoustic Enclosures like this one can be a solution, or partial and acoustic absorption can be enough in other situations.



Take aways work late
This one was acoustically
enclosed, duct silenced
and mounted on a/v mounts
Neighbour now gets sleep
Job done
Armstrong World Industries plant in Gateshead
is overlooked by much of the town as it is higher up
and neighbours look down on the TVTE below in
particular the exhaust stacks of the plant.
Picture shows a purpose deisgned silencer being fitted
at the stack outlet-job done - goodnight Gateshead